Saturday, December 15, 2018

Dave's Angry Sauce

     Dave's Angry Sauce is a local brand of hot sauce that uses the best quality of ingredients from local farms that gives it those amazing flavors. No sugars or preservatives are added, the collection of sauces offers various levels of heat but never at the expense of flavors. Small batches of the Angry Sauce are handmade in Bridgeport, Connecticut. You often find owner David Bonet at Bridgeport Farmers Markets and events around the greater Bridgeport Area.
     David has been a childhood friend of mine and we shared the love of baseball for many years. Always giving back to the community, he coaches in summer leagues and now is involved in the as- we-call it "Foodie Community". If you see David at an event stop by to say hi and purchase a bottle or two before he sells out. I often find myself using Dave's Angry Sauce. There is nothing better than Dave's Angry Sauce over some pasteles now for the holidays. One of my favorite ways to use and try all the sauces is with a wing sampler. I fry up some wings, using 2-3 wings for each flavor Dave has to offer. It's become a popular product for parties especially now for football season. What's great is that there's a variety of flavors with different levels of heat. From Jalapeno Lime to Fire Roasted Habaneros, try them all and see what's the best for your taste buds. There's no limit to what you can put it on, I recently tried it in some soup for a little "angry" kick.  For details about getting a bottle please contact Dave.

(In Puerto Rico, pasteles are a cherished culinary recipe, especially around Christmas-time. The masa consists of typically grated green banana, green plantain, eddoe (yautía), potato, and tropical pumpkins known as calabazas. It is seasoned with liquid from the meat mixture, milk, and annatto oil.)

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 Dave and Myself, Graustein Memorial Funds event at ConnCAT in New Haven, CT